26 Items REPLACE Your Smartphone

Most people cannot live without one person, but few consider it the bane of modern life. Whatever your opinion of the smartphone, there is none in your pocket, and you have to wander around the equivalent of 26 separate items. Smartphone technology has replaced the need to carry maps, cameras and many other essentials. Although the smartphone is easy to place in the palm and is lightweight, we estimate that at least a backpack can be used to carry all the extra items, and the price is obviously lower.

Compared to purchasing all additional items separately, the cost of purchasing, using and maintaining a smartphone is much lower. The prices of the items on the listed range from fair (buy newspapers) to expensive (buy high-quality cameras). Other expensive gadgets include portable game consoles and MP3 players that can listen to music.

So let’s take a look at the different items we will need if the smartphone goes extinct:


This is a widely used medium for disseminating (reliable or unreliable) information in a country. Without a smartphone, you can only use local newspapers, and worse, you have to go out and buy something.

High-quality camera:

We belong to the “selfie” era, and smartphones certainly are not. Therefore, if you don’t have a smartphone, you should buy a high-quality camera, which can cost you thousands of dollars.


These are mainly used to record memorable events. If you don’t have a smartphone, you should include them in the purchase list.

English dictionary:

For people who speak English and their native language, without a smartphone, a dictionary is an essential item.

Portable game console:

Don’t have a smartphone as a gamer? Then you will have to invest in game consoles.


I know. We all use smartphones as our default address book. Imagine having to buy and use a physical address book? Intimidating, right?


Ah, who needs a calculator? Anyone interested in money and math needs a calculator. This is what most people under the Apocalypse will wear on a smartphone.


Sure, most people have one, but imagine not being able to pay bills or transfer money by swiping the phone screen at home or in your spare time? Welcome, the benches are set up.


No smartphones, no text messages. That’s why it’s essential to have a pen with you to record the news everywhere, maybe a little boring.

Alarm clock:

For heavy sleepers this is a must buy, a very wise investment indeed.


Yes, we all have all kinds of timepieces in our left hand, but if you don’t have a timepiece and don’t have a smartphone, you might get stuck or worse, without the feeling of tomorrow.


Without a smartphone, the phone is the only means of long-distance communication. So imagine arriving alone by walking around with your phone before going home or worse.

CD and DVD:

No smartphones, no digital downloads. When we hear or see enough discs, there are only packs of discs left for you to buy, play, and throw away.

Photo album:

After purchasing a high-quality camera, it is essential for everyone (single, couple and married). That’s too bad!

Mp3 player:

If you buy a high-quality MP3 player, you will lose thousands of lives, which is essential because, in the end, we all need some form of music to enrich our boring lives.


We don’t need a smartphone within reach, but if there is no smartphone, a stopwatch can come in handy.


Not having a smartphone means you have to buy a clock (we all have it at home anyway) in order not to be seen as a past life


In the absence of a smartphone, this comes in handy in the dark.


If there is no smartphone to view the latest trends in all aspects of our lifestyle, we will have to buy magazines to enrich our view and have an endless desire for relevant and irrelevant information

Portable speakers:

Buying DVDs, CDs and MP3 players will definitely lead to the purchase of portable speakers because for most people (me and most people), if it’s not loud music, what music is it?


If you don’t have a smartphone, Google Maps, GPS or satellite or … you should invest in a road map while driving.


We love to eat. Not only food but also good food, so doing everything we can to obtain a complete cookbook is on our agenda

debit card:

Just as important as the air we breathe.

World Atlas:

Fiddling with this is really tricky, but on the plus side, it’s always nice to know all the countries and their locations.

Foreign phrasebook:

Learning a foreign language can be daunting, but with Google Translate on your smartphone, life becomes easier. So if a smartphone (or Google Translate) does not exist, a foreign language guide must be purchased.

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