Which Apple Watch ⌚️ is right for you?

 Which Apple Watch ⌚️ is right  Series 3 Series

Hey, what’s up guys today, I’ll be answering to want the most asked question about  Apple Watch ⌚️ is right to wash since lunch day the question is which site should. I get I’ve been testing Apple watch series 3 for 3 weeks now for about a week and a half on each size and there are many reasons to pick one size over the other so let’s jump right into its number one size of your is everyone has different size of wrist people might.

Tell you that if you’re a man or woman .you should get a larger one or smaller one. I disagree that people should pick whatever fits the most and doesn’t matter your gender. I have six inches of the wrist which are about 15 point 2 6 centimeters.

I personally think  Apple Watch ⌚️ is right

I personally think  Apple Watch ⌚️ is right on my wrist but a 42-minute wheeler is acceptable to you however if you have an extremely small or larger wrist. Your choice might be limited and sound the strap on one side only for example the 42 millimeters for loop is much longer than the 30 a minimalist for loop and they don’t give.

You a different list option like this for being number two size over the screen the biggest screen size is always going to be easier to operate in view there’s no way around it. I am probably difficult sometimes to use the touchscreen on a 38 millimeter maybe because I’ve got fat fingers, oh so many apps were originally designed for the 42-millimeter screen then shrink it down to fit a 38 millimeter.

However, Apple Watch ⌚️ is right, going to interact

However, Apple Watch ⌚️ is right you’re not going to interact with your watch all day. Your phone’s just a secondary device that you receive notification and check your health smaller screens should not bother you much if you choose the 30 mm in model number 3 battery life most of us known a 42 minute either carry a larger battery roughly about 20 to 25 percent larger what does it mean real-life usage well.

I will leave the links down below what I found is that 42 minis really does last about 20 to 25 percent longer than a 30 a millimeter now this is especially important if you plan to use the LTE cellular plan all day many people wanted an LTE model because they want to be able to leave their phone at home during browning or other workouts.

Apple Watch ⌚️ is right  longer than 2 to 3 hours

If your workout session is longer than 2 to 3 hours then have a larger battery is definitely gonna give you peace of mind if you do a casual workout like me and will have access to your phone most of the time then both sides should work just fine and they were left the whole day without problem number 4 the way of the watch this might not apply to everyone, especially for people who already wear watches regularly the last time we’re watching, was almost 20 years ago.

They bought an Apple watch to use mainly as the finished device plus I love how your wars with all my other Apple device it took me some time to get used to having an extra way on my wrist different watch cases material ways differently size doesn’t matter in this case to you the larger 42 millimeters will always weigh more it’s even more noticeable in stainless steel model so.

Wearing  and wanting Apple Watch ⌚️ is right

If you’re not used to wearing a watch and wanting Apple to watch just to catch your fitness you might even want to go with a smaller 30mm.In the motto to start or choose the aluminum watch over all the material so that’s it small watches are so different in a smartphone it’s. Something that you’ll be wearing all day which is also the reason Apple provides so many different styles for you to choose from.

Because, in the end, we all want something different right if you live near an Apple Store. I strongly suggest you go give it a try in person goat riding all in person and see how you feel about each watch case watch bang if you don’t live near an Apple Store.

 remember what’sApple Watch ⌚️ is right

you should get it because you’re the one they will be Apple Watch ⌚️ is right wearing all day. Nothing and remember if you purchase one Apple you have at least 14 days to try it out and see if you like it and if you don’t can always switch to all the slices and for other retailers, some even give you 30 days so.

You have nothing to lose there’s no risk give it a try you might in that choice. The size that you didn’t originally wrong who knows thanks for watching the video if you find any information helpful please subscribe to the channel and hit the like button you will really encourage me to produce more counting in the future stay tuned see you next time

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