Top 5 Shortcuts For iPhone You Might Actually

Top 5 Shortcuts For iPhone

You pretty simply iPhone you’ll just install them I’ll show you how to do that later on now what we can do initially here is just go to our widgets I already have the shortcuts widget here and you’ll see I have Wi-Fi off and on Bluetooth off and on so those four are going to be our first shortcut since they’re fairly simple and straightforward now a lot of people were annoyed that Apple changed the control center when you turn Wi-Fi off it says it only does it until tomorrow so what we’ve made is a shortcut to turn it off and on and off and on for Bluetooth now my daughter put these together.


I know some of these iPhone

I know some of these are out there but my daughter put most of these together especially the more advanced ones and they work really well so if we’ll go to Wi-Fi off you’ll see instantly it is off and it’s not just off in the control center it’s actually off right here you’ll see it’s off Wi-Fi is completely off now if we go here you can turn it back on it will turn back on and then the same is true of Bluetooth turn Bluetooth off if we take a look here you’ll see Bluetooth is off now so it works really well it’s super fast and straightforward turn it back on and again it will turn back on so.

it’s great a simple way to turn that off and on if you want to and leave it off until you want to turn it back on now the next thing is a little bit more advanced we’ll go into the shortcuts app for this one and the next one has to do with right here you’ll see it has to do with morning so we have morning and night these are two separate ones so they’re a little bit more advanced now on.

With an Android iPhone

With an Android phone you can do something say good morning it’s a routine that you can actually say good morning to your phone and it will recognize that and then give you a bunch of information in succession so that’s what we’ve created here so you’ll see here’s the program itself and we’ll need to customize a little bit of it so.

it’s going to give us our travel distance to wherever we’re going so we’ll need to put that in at the bottom and I have it going to the local Apple store it’s going to give us a bunch of information so you need to make sure you have that set and then I’ve also set the voice for this so if you tap on these three dots tap this little button here you’ll see it says good day.

Siri phrase so you see iPhone

I custom-made the customized that Siri phrase so you see. I can rerecord it or delete the shortcut I use that phrase because good mornings already are taken I used a good day so we’ll close that and then we’ll just say good day so that that gives us a status of the whole day now we don’t have to have it read us read it to us like that we can just go in here and tap on it and it will open and give us that information you’ll see it run here it’s doing the same exact thing and we can do that from the widgets as well but it gives.

you the information for the day and you’ll have everything you need right there unfortunately when it’s reading it back it says your shortcut says so far they haven’t removed that ability now the same is true for g’ night this one does a little bit different things again I’ve recorded a series of have a good night so we’ll try that one have a good night now this is not an uncommon problem.

I keep running into iPhone

I keep running into this but the shortcut works just fine so if we go into this we’ll run it and it says do you have anything to do tomorrow until you don’t want to forget and you might have noticed it dimmed the screen for the night so we can say yes if we have a reminder and it says is there anything you don’t want it to forget tomorrow.

it auto-fills yes you hit ok and it says by some it will just say milk we’ll just fill in what it already has it done and that’s it so it just asked you if you want a reminder dims your screen and you can have it set alarms as well so we’ll turn this back up so I think you get the idea there so thought it’s that’s really convenient

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