Top 5 Shortcuts For iPhone You Might Actually Use 2

Use 2 Shortcuts iPhone

If she was bored maybe come up with Shortcuts iPhone something to do so we’ll tap on activity and it says do you want to stay in or go out so we’ll say go out and how much do you want to spend we’ll say five to ten dollars pick something here we’ll say food and it runs and picks the local food places nearby within a certain radius so maybe we’ll pick this one it opens maps and then get you directions there so it’s really simple and straightforward.

But a great idea and again we can do activity stay in and it will give you a bunch of different websites with a bunch of activity ideas again go out and if it’s in the winter it will pick coffee shops if it’s not it won’t so it does a bunch of different things that’s customizable of course you could say photoshoot escape room buy something and they’re all customized under this specific menu it’s pretty clever and.

I really like that Shortcuts iPhone

I really like that one now there’s one more bonus Shortcuts iPhone when we did not create and that’s photo grid and this is you have a good morning good night and now we have another one that I think’s pretty handy that might help if you’re out in restaurants now there are tip apps available all over the place but I haven’t found one that does this I could be wrong but hopefully this will help we’ll go to.

Bill and it says are you splitting the bill between multiple people will say yes it says how many people are you splitting it between let’s pick three says what is the total cost of the bill we’ll pick something like 240 185 so that’s the total bill hit OK it says would you like to tip them no tip 10 15 or 20% will hit 20 percent and it gives you your part of the bill to pay so it will split it up simply just like that and you could assign a series shortcut to it with a voice as well tap the three dots tap this button add to Siri and you could say something like.

Bill’s so let’s try that Shortcuts iPhone

Bill’s so let’s try that bill no that will work now Shortcuts iPhone there’s another one this one’s a lot more advanced and it’s more of a bonus we’ll take a look at another one as well but this is more of a bonus and it’s really clever its activity and coffee shops is a second submenu for this activity so if we tap on the three buttons here three dots you’ll see this is really quite a long program that’s going on here and so my daughter came up with this to take care of things.

something that may help if you like to put a lot of photos together we’ll do a photo grid and we’ll pick all photos we’ll pick the wallpaper from now or from today maybe an iPhone 10 our picture and some of the photos I took from the ten-hour review so let’s see one two three four five six.

We’ll wait for Shortcuts iPhone

I think Shortcuts iPhone enough what’s it done we’ll wait for it to run and you’ll see it’s put them in a grid now this is a savable photo you can edit it you can save it like this to your photos and edit it and share it and I think it’s it’s pretty helpful there are some others here that I’ve messed around with it doesn’t work so great so those were more of experiments but they do work.

But all of these here that I’ve shown you now I’ll share in the description below and let me show you how you can actually install one of those it’s pretty simple I’ve emailed one from here over to that device so that you can check it out so let me show you how that works so here’s the shortcut.

you’ll get a link to the same sort of Shortcuts iPhone

I emailed it to myself you’ll get a link to the same sort of Shortcuts iPhone that will open up in the app so we’ll tap on this and it says what would you like to do copy two shortcuts so make sure you have the shortcuts app installed copy the shortcuts and I already have it but I’ll just replace it and here’s the morning shortcut that we already ran it’s complete with all the information that we had before and you’ll need to fill in your destination and that’s it so everything else the destinations here everything else should work just fine.

You’ll have that same destination as me but once you’ve got it installed you can discuss it tapped three buttons their doubts and customize the location and hopefully that gives you some shortcuts that you’ll actually use let me know of any good ones if you have any others I’d love to hear what you have to say in the comments below if you haven’t subscribed already please subscribe and like as always thanks for watching this is Aaron I’ll see you next time

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