Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 Sports & Fitness

Samsung Galaxy Watch Sports

I’m just going to go with Active 2, because that’s what everyone’s really gonna call it. And I’m gonna put it through its paces from a  Samsung Galaxy Watch sports/fitness kind of technology standpoint. And not so much from like a general usage standpoint.

I’m gonna talk about sports..that’s what I do!. I’m going to talk about things like is the new heart rate sensor better? Is GPS improved?. Are the UI, are all the apps better from a sports and fitness standpoint? Has anything changed there?. It’s only been like six or seven months since the last version came out.


Gonna talk Samsung Galaxy Watch

But before I do that I want to briefly touch on the digital bezel, mostly because Samsung Galaxy Watch I’m seeing a lot of people do it wrong. Now the catch is a lot of people don’t realize it’s actually not enabled by default. So I’m going to show you how to enable that really quick. Simply swipe down first, click the little Settings icon there. Go down to advanced. And then within advanced you will see ‘Touch “Bezel”.

I could turn it off right there, and that’s really how you get that touch bezel working. I think for the most part it works fairly well actually better than I thought it would, and a heck of a lot better once you turn it on than it did without it on. Now let’s go ahead and talk about that new optical heart rate sensor.

Samsung Galaxy Watch is probably

This is probably the biggest, Samsung Galaxy Watch probably this is the biggest exterior or difference between these two watches from a hardware standpoint because if you look from the top down they look virtually identical and when you turn them on here. You’ll notice they’re still pretty similar in terms of display brightness and stuff like that obviously have different watch faces on them right now.

The sensor looks dramatically different they’ve consolidated the LEDs down into kind of a single pot in the middle there versus on this side here. You had four LEDs there and you remember in the past the accuracy of the active one was not super hot my super hot I mean it was basically dumpster fire status they improved GPS and the active watch compared to past Samsung watches but not so much the heart rate sensor. It was kind of useless now if you let me compare this to the Apple watch other series four or series five because the optical heart rate sensors are between the two of them you’ll notice that they’re pretty darn similar so you know is why.

Samsung Galaxy Watch ECG standpoint

I mean maybe that they’re doing this because there are reasons from the Samsung Galaxy WatchECG standpoint the base particular designs need to be similar but given that other ECG watches. Like the Withings watch don’t look anything like that yeah there’s probably a more simplistic explanation for that still. It’ll be used to see what not this proves itself as more accurate once it’s out on the road as in the case of the Apple watch and generally speaking, it is very accurate off of a heart rate sensor though there are some courses series 5 but overall though it’s definitely a better design.

So things that are accessible on the watch itself so you can go ahead and track like activities and stuff like that so access those make sure your display is on simply swipe to the right there and you can go ahead. And see kind of your activity overview for the day you can tap that and you can look at the activity you look at a workout in my case even though.

Goals are listed of  Samsung Galaxy Watch

I move hourly goals are listed there that seems like it might be undercutting things a little bit but it is what it is and it’s sort of the overview for the week itself. I can go ahead of them back out and swipe to the right and this is where we go ahead and start an activity and. I can add activities kind of this little Quick Start menu there this is my heart rate my current heart rate, in this case, it’s trying to search for it which is two blinkings obviously it’s on the table so it does probably not succeed there.

I can measure it right there and. I can look at the min and max values of my heart rate – over the course of the week so. I think through here kind of an on sports thing about the weather though today it was very much a sports thing. I can see my last run right there and quick short of workout to sleep functionality in this case this is actually relatively close to what my actual sleep time was last night. I woke up a little bit later that made about 15-20 minutes.

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