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Sports & Fitness Galaxy Watch Active

There are some trends in there even if they’re hard to kind of pick out of this I number one the Apple watch And Galaxy Watch Active spiked up at the top because that’s what this series 5 does these days and then below that you see the purple in the green lines of the chest strap and then of the optical heart rate sensor on my upper arm the pullover h1.

This is pretty dependable so my heart rate was definitely increasing there I was probably doing a bit of an increase in pace the Samsung watch just completely bottomed out entirely.

 Some Wonky Galaxy Watch Active

And it missed that and did some wonky stuff but then it got back on track and by and large with the exception this is one drop right there albeit a 20 beat per minute drop it pretty good for a fair chunk of this run like that’s better than the Samsung watches have been in the past and so that isn’t bad keeping in mind in comparison to the Apple watch.

This track is a horrendous and high rate of the Apple Watch And Galaxy Watch Active is a pretty bad track from a heart rate standpoint so yeah it is what it is I will give credit though for these Sprint’s back here it’s actually pretty darn close all these watches did a great job by staying very very close together which surprised me given the intensity these Sprint’s you can see up to 180 beats per minute and then.

Galaxy Watch Active cool back down

I kind of cool back down again to 160 so these are some pretty hard sprints and it nailed this like there is I have no real issues with any of these particular heart rate plots from a sprint standpoint so let’s talk GPS accuracy, in general, you saw the run you saw where I ran nothing like crazy complex all this was actually pretty easy from a GPS standpoint so, to begin with.

The things we’re in the river a little bit there with that red track in the canal not horrendous still like there are other cases where it was worse for the unit for example here in the park the puller was off in the trees and the bushes and the lakes and everything and the rest of units were pretty darn close but all the other watches were within a pretty close range though they were perfect like you’ll see.

Buildings Right Galaxy Watch Active

I was cutting through buildings right there that I shouldn’t have been going through this section here so that the middle of the building itself see if I can zoom in a bit more right there you’ll see that they got that correct the Pollard end of the course and then the Galaxy Watch Active was plotted its next point off the side over here.

Which means that it guests for a bit and it guessed wrong that’s not a horrendous example of that but it’s not ideal the pole was obviously is a worse example that you can see that Samsung bends struggled going across this section here didn’t really seem to have good GPS lock and just sort of guesstimated and in fact all these units actually struggled a little bit in this section right here.

The Apple Galaxy Watch Active went ahead and over smoothed it so it looks prettier but it’s not actually any more correct than the others the Garmin at 9:45 was also having some struggles in her as well going around the stadium no major issues here though the Sprint’s back and forth this is where you can see that red track of the Samsung off in the grass where the rest of the units are actually pretty darn close in that same spot every single time so from a first workout standpoint.

Galaxy Watch Active kind of like Yeah

I would say it’s Galaxy Watch Active kind of like yeah so so it’s basically the same as the active one and some of my bike commuting workouts I’ve done the last two days here not workout by commuting the GPS has been roughly what I’m seeing here as well which is kind of like yeah it’s not great but it’s not horrible it’s like barely acceptable.

So there you go complete look stuff hopefully you found this interesting or something or whatever the case is if so go ahead and like that subscribe button for plenty more sports Technology goodness there’s a lot more wearable stuff to come up this fall as I kind of clear through some of the backlog on things that need to be reviewed and other sports technology stuff that uh should be arriving on your doorstep your digital doorstep soon have a good one

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