Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 // Sports & Fitness First Run & part 2

 Sports Watch& Fitness

I went to bed is still 22 hours of battery life left when.  Sports Watch & Fitness I woke up some you know 4 hours later it was dead so that’s kind of a bit of a bummer so there’s out there and. I can add widgets into this role, here again, kind of all the same widgets that you have seen in the past a lot of breakouts for sport and fitness ones or more kind of Fitness ones.

There, for example, you can add floors climbed your exercise for the day food health summary leaderboard a multi workout there’s caffeine as well in there. I mean lots and lots of options okay before we head outside. I just want to give you a quick cautionary note on all the Trish ins and all the times you have to approve something on this launch to actually use it from a sport and fitness standpoint this morning before my run. I counted no less than five times that.

Sports Watch & Fitness  to access GPS

I had approved commissions for this Sports Watch & Fitness to access GPS again to access my location yet again to go ahead and access my heart rate sensors and to access my data on Samsung health which is kind of nut it’s just way too many layers in most of the time it’s very wavy down the menus says if you wear that and don’t talk before you press the start button on your workout that you actually do have a GPS you do have heart rate all that kind of stuff with that warning out of the way.

Let’s go for a run okay so here we are outside it’s all the things you don’t want it to go for a run it’s windy it’s cold it’s raining sweat it’s just not ideal but. I got four watches with me here I’ve got the actor to right there on this wrist over here. I have the Apple watch series five. I’ll begin holding here the 9:45 from Garmin and they pull Vantage V and then I’ve got a chest strap on right here the HRM dual and the armed right there underneath my shirt.

Sports Watch & Fitness  heart rate strap

I have the Polaroids  Sports Watch & Fitness heart rate strap so that’s our rate sensor to go ahead and measure as well so lots of sensors paired up logo head record everything giving all study here now in the case of the act of two. I’m going to use the end of the mondo app because that’s really the only app that allows me to get the full fidelity of the davening. I would have it so with all that said.

I’m gonna go ahead and give it started and we’ll cook and I’ll catch up in the park somewhere okay so one apologize right now for anyone that’s gonna get in the lens on this run that’s gonna get back to life today so sorry if those little dots on their initial impressions about a mile into the park at this point and it’s not so hot like heart rate accuracy it goes in steps so. I’ll be sitting there like 132 beats per minute and then five seconds later go boom 148 and then. I’ll show it again the same thing the next time.

Sports Watch & Fitness introduce to  recorded data

I see it so if you introduce to you what the Sports Watch & Fitness recorded data looks like let the on display data it is very latent now like completely useless but definitely not good from a GPS pay standpoint it’s just a roll of dice right now look 658 but for the first two seconds seven and a half it shows 7:30 so again very late and like the refresh rate is all rotten wack whatever look again 633 right now actual place 720 708 720 so not super posh now if you’re.

I run through the Rijksmuseum here and the reason we’re doing that is that from an accuracy standpoint this is no different than running through a tunnel or under a large highway overpass so. I want to see what the GPS does it’s a completely straight shot so there isn’t any lectern here.

Sports Watch & Fitness connect the dots

I just let you connect Sports Watch & Fitness the dots between the two sides now most of these buildings are only between four and six stories tall so not super big or super-tough. I don’t expect to have any really tall buildings in today’s run well it’s a good test on the. Left see how they do he supplies the screws the PPF these days this is a distance one as the watches are all kind of insane ball for 5.07 on the polar Vantage 5.25 on the Apple watch your armor at five points one six and these Samsung a four-point nine seven so non-ideal and if you were running.

Something like the marathon here in a couple of weeks it’s five miles being almost a third of a mile off at this point isn’t ideal that means you’re talking C times five again basically you’re talking a crap-ton that’s definitely a bit of an issue. But you can also be totally wrong on distance and right on track, doesn’t it?

Sports Watch & Fitness time  a few Sprint’s

look at afterward it’s Sports Watch & Fitness time a few Sprint’s to test at the camera not right here go down there and they come back and forth my rough pace plan here is gonna be about five to five twenty a mile we’ll see how things go and I’m four times down from the other threes down there should be about twenty or thirty second long intervals. We’ll be over cold ice the same face we won’t be getting in the reasonably short high-intensity sprints is that one of the common failure points pop at a heart rate is to walk on a cadence so.

If you can’t your heart rate the next-biggest thumping thing in actual your feet so it’s always a great test to see how well handles swift changes a pace like intervals which most runners do at some point and so that’s kind of why.

Sports Watch & Fitness we finish things

I tend to do those okay hereSports Watch & Fitness we finish things up a little bit total distances full of answers V 6.8 for miles the Garmin 7.01 the Apple watch seven point zero eight and ten thumbs six point five miles now a quick note on getting files off of this stuff. I’ve written an entire post on how to do this down the description they’re super detailed for both iOS as well as Android because getting files off of these watches is a complete mess and particularly the way it comes out of Samsung health okay when.

I start off at the heart rate side of things I’m using the DCR analyzer you can check it out in the description down below there if you want to create your own sets to compare stuff back and forth you can see it right away there took about four and a half almost five minutes for the act of two to actually lock my heart rate. Even though it had a heart rate lock before we left the run it just lost it and then how to reacquire it or whatever the case is that’s pretty bad there’s a ton of spikes and kind of a ton of wonkiness in general.

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