Unlock your trading potential with IG’s app for the Apple Watch

 IG’s app for the Apple Watch

The  IG’s app watche the most personal trading experience yet it automatically installs if you already have our iPhone app you get one-tap login from the watch when your account details are saved on your iPhone. Let’s begin by logging in you will see any child accounts you may have here started with stockbroking you’ll then arrive at the menu this is your home for the watch app. You can see which account you’re logged into at the bottom there are currently three major features of the app watchlist holdings and an economic calendar looking at your watch this first the goal was not to try and recreate the.

iPhone IG’s app on the watch

iPhone app on the watch but design it in the context of more personal experience on a much smaller screen by using this principle we’ve decided to only display live open tradable markets on the watch each market shows live bidding offer prices, as well as a percentage change, tapping in to say HSBC you’re presented with a stockbroking ticket strip back.

you have the live streaming price of an exchange you can specify the level you want to buy at the number of shares you can do that using the incrementer x’ or you can tap on the shares and you’re given a list of predefined options you can even dictate the number with your voice. You then submit your order as on other mobile platforms and there you have it we’ve just bought 50 shares of HSBC and there’s your confirmation now.

  Position of the IG’s app

Let’s go back and look at your holdings this is even more stripped back you have the market name size of your position and the live profit and loss figure from here you can execute a sell order to offload shares onto the market the third feature is the calendar it takes the current date and time of your watch and displays a list of macro-economic events from that moment up until the end of the day show a time and country for each piece of data to switch to another account.

You go back through the flow there’s no explicit logout or switch account let’s look at my spread bet CFD account you’ll see the same home screen as with your stockbroking account let’s tap into watchlist if you want to buy 25 lots on the footsie tap on footsie specify. Your order size tap buys create positions and there you have it a simple execution of trade now. let’s go back to the home screen and take a look at your positions this is even more strip back you announce that your new position alongside.

Your existing positions IG’s app

In your existing positions you have the market name the size the position the direction plus or minus are you long or short and current profit and loss from here. I can close a position if needed if you go back through the flow you will see within the watchlist there’s a specialized view for binaries again it’s been simplified offering the market name and bid and offer prices importantly this first release does not include the ability to set stops and limits but may be included in a later release.

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