How To Save Battery Apple Watch

Battery Apple Saving Tips

Some battery saving tips and tricks with the Apple watch let’s get started number one is screen brightness just like with the iPhone and iPad the screen brightness plays a large role in the battery life of your device so with the Apple watch if you go into the settings application tap on brightness and text size here you’ll be able to access the brightness settings now you can do the same thing with your iPhone just opening up the Apple Watch app.

Y.ou can access the brightness settings right here lowering the brightness is just as simple as tapping on the left side of number 2 is another big one and that is our watch face a lot of people like the colorful Mickey Mouse watch face and although it looks nice it does drain the battery basically the more color on your watch face the more battery you’re going to drain so trying something like the modular watch face might be a good idea if you’d like to save more battery number three involves our haptic settings so we’ll once again open up our settings application.

Battery Apple Sound and Haptics

We’ll scroll down to sound and haptics and we’ll scroll down just a little bit and you’ll see we have the haptic strength section now – all the way down but you can raise it up to two bars so lowering the haptic settings means less battery is used when you receive notifications or the next tip we are going to turn on grayscale so what we want to do is open our Apple watch app on our iPhone we want to tap on general and we want to tap accessibility from here you’ll notice.

we have grayscale and if we turn that on your Apple Watch will now go from being a colored watch face to a grayscale watch face number five also involves the accessibility setting in our Apple Watch app and we’re gonna focus on reducing the motion so if we tap on that and we reduce the motion basically this is gonna put less strain on the graphics processor, in turn, giving you some better battery life or number six we’re gonna focus on the applications we use with ours.

Battery Apple Apple watch

Apple watches, for example, messages if we open the messaging app here you’ll notice that there’s a section down here that says repeat alerts now every time you a notification it’s taking the battery from your Apple watch a little bit more than it would just idle so if we tap on repeat alerts you can set it to repeat the alert once all the way up to ten times if you set this to never you’ll get the alert once and it will not alert you that second time which drains the battery.

A little bit the next tip involves our workout app here so if we scroll down the tap on workout and we enable this power-saving mode what this does is now disable the heart rate monitor when we’re using the workout application this might not seem very logical but it will save you battery in the process this next tip is a big one and it involves our notifications now in this section we can control which applications we receive notifications from so as you can see.

Receive Notifications on my Apple watch

I’ve got a few applications here the clash of clans for one thing I don’t need to receive notifications on my Apple Watch for this same with Game Center and you can select exactly which applications you feel are most important to you the fewer applications you have giving you notifications to your Apple watch the less battery it’s going to drain.

so keep that in mind when selecting the applications that you choose to have sent to your Apple Watch the next tip involves automatic downloads so we’ll tap on general and we’ll tap automatic downloads here and if you have this enabled what it’s going to do is automatically download new iPhone apps onto your Apple watch when they appear so if you set this to off then you’ll manually have to do this and this way it’s not doing it when you have less battery than you’d like lastly

Two tips for Battery Apple

I have two tips if you’re in a pinch and you really need to save the battery life what you can do is swipe up from your Apple watch to bring up the glances section and will swipe all the way to the end here now you can always turn on airplane mode which disables pretty much everything this watch can do in terms of Bluetooth capabilities with the iPhone now if you want to go even further with this you can swipe across here and there’s a power reserve mode and this basically shuts down the Apple watch completely and leaves it just like a clock.

So we’ll go ahead and do that and I’ll show you and we’ll go ahead and tap proceed now the Apple watch just looks like this and you can only access this when you press on the power button and it’ll bring up this little clock now a lot of people get confused and don’t know how to bring the Apple watch back from this stage all you do is simply hold on that power button decide button of the Apple Watch until you see.

The Battery Apple logo appears once

The Apple logo appears once that appears your Apple watch will restart so those are some tips and tricks you can use with your Apple watch to get the best battery life possible if you found these tips helpful or enjoyable share them on Twitter Facebook or whatever social media site you like so that your friends can learn how they can get.

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