Fit bit Charge 4 Review: 9 New Things To Know

Fitbit Charge 4 Review

The American Health Association the WHL guidelines of  Fit bit Charge 4 a hundred fifty minutes of exercise per week or roughly five times thirty minutes per week how you divide that up though is really up to you it’s something that many of the wearable companies have been doing for a long long time and so Fitbit’s gone into that and they’ve rebranded parts of it and give me more credit for more intense workouts so to put this into context let’s say you do a 40-minute run and the first 10 minutes are a relative basic warm-up pace you’ll get 10 minutes of active zone minutes credit for that.

I think of like 10 coins instead but then you go and do 20 minutes of hard running for that you’ll be in a different zone a harder zone and you may get 40 minutes of credit for that 20 minutes of running so.

At the end of your Fit bit Charge 4

At the end of your run,. you Fit bit Charge 4 could end up with say 60 active zone minutes for only a 40-minute run kind of a cool concept and kind of make sense if you’re doing really hard workouts you’ll be able to see your active zone minutes on the device itself at the end of a workout as well as on the Fitbit app and you can see how many active zone minutes you have towards your weekly goal as well on the device and also in the Fitbit app.

Which gets us right into the next one which is the new heart rate zones or in particular the new active zone the idea behind this is to take generic heart rate zones and give them fancy names like fat-burning zone and cardio zone and things like that they’re basically just heart rate zones that you can probably actually remember in your head you can lightly customize some of these zones in the.

 For the most part Fit bit Charge 4

Fitbit app but for the most part they are what they are and the way they are structured or what they are but as you’re doing a workout you’ll get notifications each time you change zones you can turn that off though if it’s annoying just in the settings for each individual workout type and then after the fact in the app you’ll see which zones you were and how much time you spent in each zone and then on the map itself you’ll see which owns you’re in as you were running or riding whatever the case it’s pretty cool actually when you look at the map and see that for an interval workout because you can see the hard part the work effort of that being in red and you can see the easier parts being in orange because.

I was doing recovery there so it’s kind of neat there overall again nothing earth-shattering but it’s somewhat appreciated it sort of take the sports side of it and push it a bit more into the more basic wearables that Fitbit has next up on the list there is a new weather option or weather widgets that means that you can swipe through here and go to the weather option right there and then see the current weather around you so if you’re in a dark cave like.

I am right now Fit bit Charge 4

I am right now Fit bit Charge 4 I can see what it’s doing outside you can also go ahead and add your friend’s house on thereby adding another city or multiple cities if you want to and then you can swipe through and see those cities as well pretty straightforward also straightforward is the next feature which is the addition of the agenda so in that same widget role there you swipe until you find agenda and that you’ll be able to connect it up to your calendar on your phone you can also choose to show or not show free time.

So that way you can see what’s free in a calendar versus just assuming that your entire day is free and it didn’t sink properly or whatever the case may be and the last but not least on the list here is they’ve added a boatload more watch faces or clock faces in the past that was somewhat limited now you have 24 which means it’s somewhat less limited you can’t customize much of anything on them but they are there you can choose which ones you want to swipe through different options on.

The app applies Fit bit Charge 4

The app applies it to the watch the band and you’re good to go ok so there you go kind of a complete look of the overall picture of all the new features the question is though how to do this fit into the greater landscape of activity trackers or wearables or sport-focused wearables and I’d say it fits in pretty darn well a hundred 49 bucks there is nothing else out there on the market that has contactless payments and GPS in it and this form factor and has a seven-day battery life and an that’s solid so if you’re out there looking for something to go and do a casual like 5k or 10k runs this is a really great option for you.

However, if you’re looking into something that has more features in it this might not be it for example you can’t customize any of the data fields on the sport modes you can choose different sport modes but you can’t say which fields are on there or which fields you do or don’t watch or which pages you do or don’t want that stuff is all kind of the way it is it’s their style and you can’t tweak any of it so you got to sort of figuring out what you want same goes for GPS battery time if you’re looking to do a longer day hike this won’t really cut it at four to five hours of GPS on time if you left in the morning even came back at five o’clock.

your battery died Fit bit Charge 4

You would have had your battery died around two or three o’clock in the afternoon so that’s something to keep mine as well still for the vast majority of people this is an awesome option for the price and it’s nice to see fit but kind of sort of finally getting it I feel like the last couple years have been a little bit like every time I look at them you’re like me maybe I guess on sale versus this.

I don’t think this has to be on sale very often to still be a pretty solid deal so there you go hopefully found this interesting or whatever the case may be if so again like that like button on the bottom there or hit the subscribe button because there is plenty more sports technology and particularly wearable goodness coming up over the next couple weeks that you will not want to miss out on with that have a good one

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