BEST Apple Watch To See and Buy In 2020

BEST Apple Watch To Buy In 2020 To See


Hey, what is up guys Apple-O Here! The Apple Watch Series 3 has been the best apple watch buy-in option for 2020 for me in 2019 without a doubt, of course, has new features than the series 2 but lacks in comparison with the series 4 and series 5 anyway it still was the best buy option for me and it could be for you too so here are some features that you should consider when purchasing this particular product or series or when you’re actually trying to purchase any SmartWatch that’s on the market right now we’re really close to 1000 subscribers and that’s what all of us want right.

I experienced what the Apple III has been good I’ve had no issues so far and there have been no scratches you can see that there is a glass finish so I’ll probably use a rubber cloth or something rubber cloth I probably use a cloth to basically just wipe out all the dust this device supports what your s6 so knowing that your Apple watch will be supported for a pretty long time is something great these particular.

Apple Watch 2020 comes in two variants.


Apple watches 2020 come in two variants so right here on the Left we have cellular and right here on the right we have cellular and a GPS and let me just guys zoom it in for you the main difference between these two is that this one is more location-based which means that 4G will be enabled any is great but this is better for you who are on the go and would want to cover large distances so this one would be better we take a look at the back this is where you see the most change on the right it has more of a metallic finish and rings around it.

Whereas this one is more of a normal standard hard sensor this is more accurate in terms of calculating your heart rate calculating your post and calculating how much you run your work all right etc so if you guys are looking for fitness if you guys are looking for a more accurate result in terms of your performance.

 GPS version Apple Watch 2020

I would go for the cellular GPS version of apple watch 2020 in terms of performance like Wi-Fi connectivity like cellular issues there are no issues so far and what your s6 pontiff has actually approved that and three is something great of course I was having issues with Bertha at the beginning but that wasn’t in terms of the watch itself it was in terms of the OS build and what you asked the overall question is the Apple series three still worth in 2020 and is it the best product to buy in 2020.

I believe yes for those of you who have an app watch like series four, okay you might as well just wait until series six comes out but for those of you who have never had an Apple watch and are just trying out for the very first time see how it is.

I believe the series Apple Watch 2020

I believe series three would be a great starting point for you and if you guys liked it then you could upgrade later appreciated from now on until one thousand and above YouTube is a marathon, not a sprint remember for those of you who are trying to start a YouTube channel it’s hard and it’s something that.

I have experienced and I’m still gonna experience along the road if you’re interested in anything Apple relate is covered on my channel click the edge of card over here it will take you to a different playlist that I’ve done in the past and you can see everything in terms of the OS build and WatchOS 6.2 thank you guys so much for watching stay healthy stay safe and I’ll see you next time!

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