Fit bit Charge 4 Review: 9 New Things To Know

 9 New Things To Know

I guess then you go ahead  9 New Thing To Know and just tap on our payment reader and you’re done straightforward but that was for the US I live in the Netherlands and here my bank ING isn’t supported it’s not on the list at all though most other major Dutch banks are also. I have cards from France and those ones are not supported either so you’re gonna have to go to the site and see whether or not your bank is out of there at this point being a few years down the road if your bank isn’t on there it’s probably not looking super positive of course.

Fitbit is adding banks all the time but just kind of keep that in mind this isn’t something brand new speaking of support by the way the next on the list is the new sleep metrics in particular sleep score that’s a score from 0 to 100 though hopefully not it like the 0 side of things that judges your sleep for the night the higher your sleep the heart call your sleep the higher the score in most cases for me having toddlers at home that ranged about in the 70 or so range for a sleep score I’d say that seemed maybe a wee bit optimistic but.

 9 New Things to see your sleep score

I guess I’ll have to take it 9 New Things to see your sleep score you can actually see in the summary view on the Fitbit charge for itself or you can see it later on in the smartphone app that Fitbit app there you can also see the Fitbit app your sleep stages and durations you can plot them over time and all the graph will go to goodness that you’d expect from pretty much any other app including the Fitbit app also Fitbit does offer the Fitbit premium service which is something you can pay for and that gives you a bunch of sleep plans and things like that so sleep guidance or coaching to hopefully giving you better sleep in my case if.

I was to do that my toddlers would just laugh at me also Fitbit has promised a new feature which is a smart wake feature that will allow you to go ahead and set an alarm for example 7:30 a.m. and then will wake you at some point between 7:00 and 7:30 depending on your particular sleep stages or phases now in this case if it hasn’t promised a date that is saying coming soon which, unfortunately.

 9 New Things  coming soon category

Fit bits history in this particular 9 New Things coming soon category is not super strong the last time they promised something coming soon it was almost a year later so we’ll have to see on that one it is something that is on many other wearables so hopefully, we’ll see a Fitbit implement it sometime soon there were four on the list is the addition of Spotify kind of sort of.

I mean it’s more like a Spotify remote than it is a Spotify on the watch the wearable the thing so the most important thing to take away from this is there is no music on the Fitbit charge for period you cannot put music on the Farge for the Fajr for the NE for it cannot go on this wearable itself you cannot play music directly from this to your headphones again just to make that SuperDuper clear no music on here.

 9 New Things  a lot you go and play

But when it does work 9 New Things a lot you go and play a different playlist you can actually swipe through them here you can stop and start songs you can go ahead and all of the things you would expect from a remote control but from your wrists in practice though it’s just not super useful like it’s just kind of cumbersome to get into to use just like but just pull out your phone you have to be your phone anyways so I’m sure there are some very slim scenarios where maybe you have this on you in a gym and your phones in a bag close enough that range sort of works and your headphones you control it that way but honestly.

I appreciate the gesture but I’ll pass thanks maybe just put music on there that’d be cool but again there’s not music on here on the bright side that does bring us number five of the list which edition of active zone minutes active zone minutes are basically Fitbit giving you a credit for doing more intense workouts but to step back a little bit talk about sort of the zone minute goal which is that you have a hundred fifty active zone minutes per week that falls alongside.

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